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Basic structure of optical fiber
Apr 09, 2018

Basic structure of optical fiber


The concentric glass body consisting of a core and cladding layers, in the form of a column. In the quartz-based optical fiber, the core is made of high-purity silica SiO2 (quartz glass) and a small amount of dopants such as phosphorus pentoxide and germanium dioxide. The dopant is used to increase the refractive index (n1) of the core. The core diameter (2a) is generally 2 to 50 μm.

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A practical optical fiber is a glass filament thicker than human hair. The outer diameter of a communication optical fiber is generally 125 to 140 μm. Generally speaking, the optical fiber is composed of a core and cladding layers. The core completes signal transmission, and the refractive index of the cladding and the core are different. The optical signal is enclosed in the core and transmitted to protect the core. In the project, a plurality of optical fibers are generally fixed together to form a fiber optic cable.


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