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Fiber ceramic ferrule
Mar 22, 2018

Fiber ceramic ferrule


Optical fiber ceramic ferrule, also known as ceramic pin body. The centering cylinder of the fiber optic connector plug has a micro hole at the center for fixing the optical fiber. It is a kind of high-precision special ceramic component made of nano-zirconia (ZrO2) material processed through a series of formulas. Its aperture and roundness error is 0.5. The connectors manufactured are removable and categorized optical fiber connectors, which make the connection and switching scheduling of optical channels more flexible and can be used for commissioning and maintenance of optical systems.


Fiber ceramic ferrule.jpg 


According to the accuracy of pin body classification:

Ceramic ferrules for multimode fiber optic connectors: These ceramic ferrules have poor accuracy relative to single-mode ferrules. 

Ceramic ferrules for single-mode fiber optic connectors: These ceramic ferrules have high precision requirements relative to multi-mode ferrules. (Single- and multi-mode ferrules have the same appearance and structure, because single-mode optical fibers have smaller light passing points, Therefore, there is a high requirement for mating accuracy of the pin body.) 


According to the pin body diameter classification:

The ceramic pin body with an outer diameter of 2.5 mm, also called SC ceramic ferrule, is mainly used for connector plugs of connector types FC, SC, ST. The ceramic pin body with outer diameter of 1.25mm, also called LC ceramic ferrule, is mainly used for connector plugs of connector type LC and MU.


Fiber ceramic technology:

Nano Zirconia Powder Injection Molding Material Formulation and Forming Process Technology; (2) Slender Micropore Forming Technology with 0.125mm Inner Diameter and 12~15mm Length; (3) Precision Ceramic Machining with 0.1μm Accuracy Error Technology; (4) Submicron process control method for burning crystal grains; (5) Low-loss optical communication components with insertion loss ≤ 0.2dB and return loss ≥ 40dB.


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