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Fiber jumper life
Sep 07, 2017

Fiber optic jumpers are the most widely used fiber optic cable line equipment in the modern communications industry. Due to its long connection distance and low insertion loss, good repeatability and no loss of many times can support multiple devices at the same time. Good performance, no heat, good temperature stability. Fiber jumpers are suitable for cable television networks, telecommunications networks, computer fiber optic networks and optical test equipment.

Due to the need for fiber optic jumpers and normal testing in the maintenance, the fiber optic connectors are often plugged and removed, which leads to the problem of the maximum number of pluggable times. The problem should be based on the premise that the fiber optic connector under normal conditions of use, the number of times through the plug, the components without mechanical damage, additional loss does not exceed the limit (usually the limit of 0.2dB). The insertion and tear life of the fiber optic connector is generally determined by the mechanical wear of the component. At present, the fiber optic connector plug life can generally be greater than l000 times, additional loss of not more than 0.2dB. For fiber optic connectors with slotted ceramic coupling sleeves, static fatigue will cause the sleeve to break due to the presence of crack in the ceramic material. According to the information, the uncovered age of such sleeves for 20 years is 10 -4. If the screening stress is 2.6 times higher than the working stress, the rupture will not occur within 20 years.

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