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Fiber Optic Adapter
Mar 21, 2018

Fiber Optic Adapter: 

Optical fiber connectors are the most used optical passive devices in optical fiber communication systems. Most optical fiber connectors consist of three parts: two fiber connectors and one coupler. Two fiber connectors fit into the ends of the two fibers; the coupler serves to align the sleeves. In addition, couplers are often equipped with metal or non-metallic flanges to facilitate the installation of the connector. 

SC-APC fiber optic adapter.jpg

Product concept: 

Optical fiber adapters can be inserted with different types of fiber connectors at both ends to realize conversion between different interfaces such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, and E2000, etc. They are widely used in optical fiber distribution frames (ODF) and optical fiber communication equipment, Instruments, etc., superior performance, stable and reliable. Some fiber optic adapters in the market are also called fiber optic connectors. Actually, these are two different kinds of products. 


1, the insertion loss is low, each connection loss through an adapter is less than 0.2db;

2, good interchangeability;

3, good repeatability;

Application range:

1, optical fiber communication system;

2. CATV network;

3, LAN, optical area network;

4, fiber to the home (FTTH);

5, video transmission;

6, test equipment;


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