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How to use fiber jumpers correctly
Sep 07, 2017

Fiber jumpers are used to jump from the device to the fiber cabling link. There is a thick protective layer, generally used in the optical terminal and the connection between the terminal box. How to use fiber jumpers correctly, with fiber jumpers as an example.

1, optical fiber jumper at both ends of the optical transceiver transceiver wavelength must be consistent, that is, both ends of the fiber must be the same wavelength of the optical module. The simple distinction is that the color of the optical module is consistent. In general, shortwave optical modules use multimode fiber (orange fiber), long-wave optical module using single-mode fiber (yellow fiber) to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

2, the optical fiber in the use of not excessive bending and winding, this will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process.

3, after the use of fiber optic jumpers must use protective cover to protect the fiber connector, dust and oil pollution will damage the fiber. There are three types of fiber jumper types: ST-ST, SC-SC, ST-SC. According to the type of fiber, there are two kinds of single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. Jumper length specifications are 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m and so on. According to the cable jacket material can be divided into ordinary type, ordinary flame retardant, low smoke halogen-free, low smoke halogen-free flame retardant and so on.

4, according to the building fire rating and fire resistance requirements of the material, integrated wiring system should take appropriate measures.

5, in the flammable areas and buildings within the shaft laying cables or cables, should be used for flame-retardant cables and cables; in large public places should adopt flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity cable or cable; adjacent equipment or The connection should be flame retardant wiring equipment.

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