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PLC splitter‘s Advantages
Apr 02, 2018

      Optical splitter is the core of FTTH optical devices, it has great growth potential, and will become the main driver for the growth of FTTx market. it will undoubtedly bring the vitality and challenge to optical communication manufacturing industry, and also bring the space of high-speed development to the optical communication enterprises.

  According to current stage and the future development trend of demand, PLC splitter will become the main force of PON market. Beyond reproach, it has the digital, networking, broadband, miniaturization and easy maintenance  features are the focus of future market demand.

      Optical power splitter technology is a semiconductor technology to make optical waveguide branch devices, the function of the shunt is done on a chip, you can achieve up to 1x128 on a chip, and then the chip at both ends of the package input and output-side multi-channel fiber array. The advantages of this device are:(1) the loss of the transmission is not sensitive, can meet the transmission needs of different wavelengths. (2) Uniform distribution of the signal can be evenly distributed to the user. (3) Compact structure, small volume , can be directly installed in the existing various junction boxes, do not need special design to leave a large installation space. (4) Single device can reach more than 128 channels. (5) The cost is lower, the more number of branches, the more obvious the cost advantages.

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