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Waterproof fiber jumper / patch cord
Dec 11, 2017

Waterproof fiber jumper / patch cord


Introduction of Waterproof fiber jumper / patch cord

Waterproof fiber jumper / patch cord is generally used for outdoor laying. It has the design of strong PU sheath and armored structure, which can resist high temperature and is suitable for usage in bad environment. Waterproof fiber optic jumpers / patch cord are similar to ordinary fiber optic jumper / patch cord, there are also many types, including the simplex, duplex, 12, 24 core as well as a variety of optional connector types, such as, FC, LC, SC, ST, MPO and so on.


IP67 waterproof fiber jumper / patch cord conforms to the ODVA (open equipment supplier association) standard and meets the ip66/67 environmental seal level. It is a low-cost, ideal choice for industry, FTTA, or other harsh environments. Waterproof IP67 fiber optic jumper / patch cord connector accord to IEC60603-7 interface standard, it can use with other similar mechanical locking system, especially suitable for use in harsh environment, and to a certain extent, resist rodent bite.


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Characteristics & Application

1. Armored jumper / patch cord design supports high data transmission speed.

2.IP67 connector conforms to iec60603-7 interface standard

3. Low loss, high reliability, easy to use

4. Waterproof fiber optic jumper / patch cord is very suitable for variety of outdoor conditions, such as outdoor optical fiber communication under extreme conditions, military communications equipment, oil field, mine, communication optical fiber sensors, remote wireless base stations, video monitoring system, optical fiber sensor, railway signal control applications, intelligent substation communication, etc.


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Waterproof fiber jumper / patch cord supplier -Optico Communication Co., LTD

OPTICO (Fiberopticom.com) provides waterproof IP67 optical fiber connector is based on the conventional connector, aluminum frame, and equipped with a spring load of the push-pull type locking mechanism, and with superior retention because of the aramid yarn in the cable cable. When there is no automatic seal gland connection, both the case and the connector can prevent dirt and dust getting in. In addition to the automatic sealing window, rubber outer sheath and steel, self - lock protective cap is suitable for use when not connected. When connected or capped, the sealing connection environment reaches IP67.


OPTICO(Fiberopticom.com) focuses on the development of fiber optic product lines and provides a comprehensive solution to the fiber connectivity system components. We supply waterproof fiber optic jumper / patch cord, which including simplex, duplex, 12, 24 core as well as a variety of optional connector types, such as, FC, LC, SC, ST, MPO, etc. And we provide custom service of the cable length. All fiber jumper products adopt unique grinding process and grinding sheet, ensuring excellent optical performance and good product stability, and safely and reliably ensuring the long-term operation of products.

For more details, pls visit OPTICO website: www.fiberopticom.com.

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