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Algeria Telecom Completes Expansion Of 1000km Fiber Network
Jan 15, 2019

Algeria Telecom Completes Expansion of 1000km Fiber Network


According to local media reports in Algeria, Algeria Telecom (AT) has completed more than 1,000 kilometers of fiber optic connections from Adrar to Tindouf, completing the Abadla-Benni Abbes-Adrar-Tindouf-Abadla ring fiber network in the southwest.


Algeria Telecom Completes Expansion of 1000km Fiber Network

The deployment of this fiber backbone began in February 2018. According to Adel Khemane, CEO of Algeria Telecom, the company's fiber-optic network currently covers a total of 140,000 kilometers, including 93,000 kilometers of long-haul backbone networks.

At present, the transmission capacity of the NG-DWDM transmission backbone network in Algeria has increased to 4.20 Tbps, and with the launch of two new submarine cable systems, the international bandwidth can be extended to more than 12 Tbps in the future. Delayed connections to Algeria and Spain's ORVAL submarine cables are supported by AT and are expected to be operational this month.


In addition, the submarine cable system connecting Algeria to the United States is already planned, but according to the Minister of Telecommunications Houda Imane Faraoun, the plan is still on the government's agenda, but the details are still insufficient.


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