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Bangladesh Plans To Build A Third Submarine Cable System
Mar 19, 2018

Bangladesh plans to build a third submarine cable system

In order to meet the growing domestic demand for data, BSCCL, a submarine cable company in Bangladesh, has initiated the preparation of a third submarine cable system.

Bangladesh's 5th fiber optic submarine cable.jpg

Mustafa Jabbar, Minister of Communications of Bangladesh stated that “the current bandwidth capacity can only meet domestic demand in just a few years. In the past few years, domestic data consumption has seen a three-digit increase, and with the launch of 4G services, It will continue to accelerate. Therefore, in order to meet domestic demand, we need to be prepared in advance and it is time consuming to establish the connection of the submarine cable."

It is reported that the Ministry of Communications has obtained the verbal agreement of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh on the construction of the third submarine cable. At present, Bangladesh is looking for a consortium in Southeast Asia to invest in the construction of this submarine cable.

Another reason for setting up new submarine cables is that the first system connected to the SEA-ME-WE-4 cable in 2006 will be close to the end of its 20-year service life in six years. But it is impossible to increase its capacity, and its maintenance costs are increasing every year.

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