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British Government Calls For Full Fiber-to-the-home Coverage By 2033
May 30, 2018

British government calls for full fiber-to-the-home coverage by 2033


British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond made a speech at the CBI Gala Dinner of the British Industry Federation on the 22nd to call for the UK to achieve full fiber-to-the-home coverage by 2033 and reach 15 million households by 2025.


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Britain’s leading telecommunications operator, BT, has stated that if conditions are right, FTTH deployment will be accelerated within the next two or three years. INCA, a British independent network partner representing independent third-party operators, also expressed support for Hammond's position. The organization’s CEO Malcolm Corbett pointed out that there is no reason why many Britons do not get fiber to the home. INCA will do its best to help the government achieve this goal. But he also pointed out that achieving this goal requires the cooperation of Operanreach, a British telecommunications access network, and Virgin Media, another major access provider.


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