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China's First Display Quantum Secure Communication Via Fiber Backbone
Mar 30, 2018

China's First Display Quantum Secure Communication Via Fiber Backbone

The use of existing fiber optic cable facilities is expected to achieve quantum secure communication - China's first display of quantum key distribution and wavelength division multiplexing of 3.6Tbps classic communication commercial fiber backbone network


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According to Science and Technology Daily Hefei March 9: The reporter learned from Hefei High-tech Zone that Guodun Quantum cooperated with the University of Science and Technology of China, the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology, and China Unicom demonstrated the wavelength division multiplexing of the key backbone network for the quantum key distribution (QKD) and 3.6Tbps classical communication for the first time in the world. This result was published in the "Optical Express" magazine on March 5th.

In this study, the mature and stable QKD products of Guodun Quantum Co., Ltd. were used, and for the first time, wavelength division multiplexing of the optical fiber of the 66km (Zhucheng-Huangshan section) of QKD and on-site commercial optical fiber backbone network (China Unicom's Jinan-Qingdao network) was realized. The rate is 3.6Tbps, the maximum emitted optical power is 21dBm, and the spectral range is 1528-1538nm.

In addition, in a standard single-mode fiber, using a narrowband filter of 20 GHz, QKD achieved a coding rate of 3.0 kbps in the same direction of transmission with classical communication. In combination with the new large effective area G654 low-loss fiber, the QKD coding rate can be further increased to 4.5 kbps and 5.1 kbps in the same transmission and reverse transmission, respectively. Experimental modeling and analysis of the effects of filter bandwidth, fiber loss, and fiber's effective area on quantum signal-to-noise ratio and secure coding rate. At the same time, through the long-term performance test of the QKD coding rate, this experiment verifies the stability of the QKD system in wavelength division multiplexing with a commercial backbone communication network.

For the first time, this experiment used a commercial fiber backbone network, effectively highlighting the complexity of classical communication systems, higher transmitted light power, higher Raman scattering noise, and more varied field factors such as on-site environments, for the realization of QKD and commercial applications. The recovery of optical fiber backbone communication networks has taken a crucial step towards building a quantum network that coexists with the existing classical backbone optical fiber infrastructure.

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