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Corning Releases 3456 Cores RockRibbon Ultra High Density Ribbon Cable
Apr 24, 2018

Corning Releases 3456 Cores RockRibbon Ultra High Density Ribbon Cable


In order to meet the ever-increasing customer demand for higher bandwidth, especially in the installation of narrow space pipelines, Corning has developed ultra-high-density cabling solutions.


Corning Release New Ribbon Fiber Cable 3456 Cores.jpg

The newly released RocketRibbon Ultra High Density Ribbon Cable uses an innovative fiber optic cable tube design that provides twice optical fibers with similar cable diameter compared to the conventional cable diameters of the conventional center beam tube and stranded braided tube design on the market. The RocketRibbon cable leads the industry's ultra-high density fiber optic cable.


RocketRibbon is particularly suitable for data centers that require large core count cross-connections and other emerging network applications such as 5G that desperately require high core count fiber optic cables.


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