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Do You Know What Kind Of FC Fiber Connector Is Qualified?
Sep 07, 2017

  FC fiber optic connectors are mainly divided into multi-mode fiber optic connectors, and single-mode fiber optic connectors. The FC fiber optic connector: the main ferrule, outer snail, snail, brake, pressure ring, ring, dust cap, white tube composition.

  1.FC fixed fiber optic connectors: mainly divided into FC / 0.9,2.0,3.0 fiber optic connectors;

  2.FC adjustable fiber connector: Mainly divided into FC / 0.9,2.0,3.0 fiber optic connectors;

  3.FC fiber connector by face can be divided into: FC / UPC, PC, APC fiber optic connectors;

  4. Material: fiber optic connector parts and ferrule, fiber optic cable material must meet the standards;

  5. Batch production of product structure and size should not be different.

  6. The same batch of color is consistent.

  7. The same batch of products used in the spare parts, ferrule, cable to the same.

  8. Appearance requirements: the appearance of the same color, smooth, no cloak, clean and so on

  9. The protruding length of the ferrule should be uniform and meet the requirements.

 10. Flexibility is better, not flexible, or bad.

 11. End requirements: the end to be clean, no water quality, no plastic block, glue edge requirements and so on.

 12. Optical performance requirements: insertion loss and return loss to the requirements. (Insertion loss of international standards less than 0.5db \ return loss of 35 ~ 68 or so)

 13. Interchangeability, repeatability is better, additional loss should be less than 0.2db.

 The number of plugs and gaps can be plugged in more than 1000 times.

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