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Hengtong Group Signed A Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement With Hainan Provincial Government
Aug 24, 2018

Hengtong Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hainan provincial government

8/24/2018, the Hengtong Group and the Hainan Provincial Government held a signing ceremony for the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” in Haikou City. Peng Jinhui, Vice Governor of Hainan Province, and Qian Jianlin, Executive Director of Hengtong Group, attended the signing ceremony and signed the “Strategy”. Cooperation Framework Agreement".

Hengtong Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hainan provincial government.jpg

According to the agreement, Hengtong Group will exert its own advantages and cooperate with Hainan Provincial Government in the fields of international industrial headquarters construction, marine monitoring network, telecommunication infrastructure and application demonstration project construction, and jointly promote the construction of Hainan Information Intelligent Island and Ocean Strong Province.

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