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Huawei Wins The World's First 5G CE-TEC Certification
Apr 18, 2018

Huawei wins the world's first 5G CE-TEC certification


4/17/2018, Huawei announced recently that after several rounds of rigorous testing and evaluation, Huawei will soon pass the global commercial listing of 5G NR (5th generation mobile communication technology NR, hereinafter referred to as 5G) products successfully through the EU certification body TÜV South Deutsche Group (hereinafter referred to as "TÜV SÜD") has obtained the certification of the world's first 5G product CE-TEC (European Wireless Equipment Directive Type Approval). The acquisition of this certificate shows that Huawei's 5G products have officially obtained market commercial licenses, and they have taken a big step towards the commercial success of the 5G scale.


First 5G CE-TEC certification.jpg

The Huawei 5G C-band Massive MIMO AAU (Active Antenna Unit) base station, which has been verified by the CE-TEC test, is based on the 3GPP 38.104 protocol development and is designed for eMBB large-capacity scenarios. It can achieve outdoor continuous xGbps user experience with a delay as low as ms wireless base station equipment.  In the entire development process, whether it is from the device selection or design and development, Huawei's 5G series products strictly follow the regulatory requirements from beginning to end. After many rounds of rigorous evaluation test, one-time pass the test to meet the CE rigorous certification Claim.


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