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The Difference Between Multimode And Single Mode Fiber (Patch Cord) The Identification Of Single Mode And Multi-mode Fiber
Oct 23, 2017

The Difference Between Multimode and Single Mode Fiber (Patch Cord) The Identification of Single Mode and Multi-mode Fiber


The application of optical fiber patch cord is becoming more and more widespread, but many friends are not familiar with optical fiber jumpers.What is single mode and multimode optical fiber patch cord? In fact, there are many differences between them, as long as we understand these differences, we can use them in a better way. Following, we will find out the differences and identification between multi-mode and single-mode fiber.


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Single-mode fiber

The fiber core of single mode fiber is thinner, so that the light can be directly sent to the center.It is suggested to use it in long distance.

In addition, the distance loss of single mode signal is smaller than that of multimode. At a distance of 3,000 feet, multimode fiber may lose 50% intensity of its LED light signal, while the single mode only loses 6.25% of its laser signal at the same distance.

The bandwidth potential of a single mode makes it the only option for high-speed and long-distance data transmission.Recent tests have shown that a single mode cable can transmit a 64 channel of 40G Ethernet over a distance of 2,840 miles.


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Multi-mode fiber

Optical signals in multi-mode fiber are transmitted through multiple channels; It is generally recommended to apply it in distance of less than a mile.

The effective distance of multimode fiber from transmitter to receiver is about 5 miles.The range is also affected by the type and quality of the launch/receiving device; The stronger light sourcethe more sensitive receiver, the transmit distance is farther. Research shows that the bandwidth of multi-mode fiber is about 4000Mb/s.

On the other hand, single mode and multimode fiber patch cord apply the following principles: the module sending and receiving wavelengths at two ends of the fiber optic patch cord must accord with each other. That is to say, the light module at two ends of the optical fiber are of same wavelengths. A simple way to distinguish is judged by the color of light module.

In general, short-wave light module uses multi-mode fiber (orange fiber), long wave light module uses single mode fiber (yellow fiber), to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.





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