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The Fibre Optic Industry Will Be The First To Benefit From 5G
Nov 18, 2017

The fibre optic industry will be the first to benefit from 5G


5G, the future of the wireless industry, the core information infrastructure of the transformation and upgrading of the national economy, will also bring carnival to the optical communication industry. In fact, "5G commercial application, carrier leading". The carrier network is the optical communication network. And it is understood that the optical communication industry has begun to prepare for the commercial deployment next year.


5G communication network and fiber optic cable.png

5G has raised a lot of demands on the carrier network.First is the speed and bandwidth; second is the time-lapse performance, which should satisfy the end-to-end business deployment of ms level, realize architecture optimizing and flattening, reduce the cable routing, and introduce the ultra-low latency equipment of mec and 1s rank. Third is network architecture adjustment, including CU/DU separation, core network cloud and so on. Finally is the cost challenge, the transmission cost reduction speed is required to be half of Moore's law. The prequel network capacity is the largest, and also the pressure is the largest.


During the 5G era, there will massive base stations to built, estimated to be 2 to 3 times as that of the 4G base stations. And the construction of 5G base stations will require optical fiber interconnection, so the optical fiber will be the first beneficiary of the optical communication industry chain. According to the agency, the fiber optic usage quantity in the age of 5G will be 16 times more than that of the 4G era.


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The second beneficiary is the light module. Assuming that 5G base stations are two to three times as that of 4G base stations, and taking the medium/echo module into consideration, it can bring in the use of 25Gbps high speed optical module by tens of millions quantity levels.


The third beneficiary is the high-speed optical access network system and optical devices.The 5G architecture will expand the capacity of back transmission/medium/previous by dozens of times, and requires the introduction of CWDM/WDM based on 25G/ 50G, and raises high performance ratio requirements on tunable lasers, tunable filters, CWDM/WDM, etc.The demand for systems such as TWDM PON, edge ROADM and so on can increase dramatically.



Over the next five years, the demand for fiber optic will continue to improve, preparing for an industry upgrade.On November 2, 2017, the "2017 global fiber optic cable congress" was held in wuhan, China.  More than 700 guests from nearly 30 countries were present to discuss the future development of the optical fiber industry.Global fibre demand will exceed industry expectations for the next five years, bringing a "strong shot" for the global fiber industry chain.

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