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Welcome To The Next Generation Of MTP
Apr 12, 2018

With its practicality of using different technologies in so many different applications, the MTP connector is multifunctional, which is undoubtedly an advantage for the installer. But this versatility also brings some challenges. The installer does not know if they need a terminal with a head or negative head, because thousands of fibers that not only need to be transmitted but also need to be received. these problems may delay the deployment time.


The latest generation of MTP connectors brings new features and functionality that simplify field configuration. Isn't there a correct “male” or “female” at hand? No problem, The new MTP connector makes it easy to change “male and female plugs” and polarity in the field without the need for professional skills. In addition to excellent on-site configurability, The new MTP are also safer and more environmentally friendly.

OPTICO COMMUNICATION focuses on manufacturing and developing fiber optic product lines and provides a comprehensive solution to the fiber connectivity system components, like fiber optic connectors, fiber pigtails, fiber optic patchcords (LC, SC, ST, FC, E2000, TRJ, MTP/MPO, etc), PLC Splitters, WDM(CWDM/DWDM) devices, AWG devices,various ODN products and FTTX accessories. All OPTICO products adopt the strict quality standards in the production and inspection, ensuring excellent operation performance ,good stability, and the long-term use of our products.

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