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What Are The Factors That Affect The Loss Of The Fiber Connector
Sep 07, 2017

Q: What are the factors that affect the loss of the fiber connector?

A: The factors that affect the loss of fiber connection are: 1. Fiber connection loss and influencing factors 2. Connection loss caused by different core diameters 3. Connection loss caused by lateral misalignment 4. Connection loss caused by nonunion of end face 5. End face longitudinal gap Caused by the connection loss 6. End and fiber axis is not perpendicular to the connection caused by loss of 7. Fiber end bending caused by connection loss. In the actual fiber connection, the impact of these factors can exist at the same time, and the total loss should be a variety of factors affect the loss of the superposition. In order to reduce the connection loss, in the optical fiber connector manufacturing design process, should try to avoid the impact of various factors.

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