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YOFC Fiber Optic Cable: The Supply Of Optical Fiber Cable Products Is Still In Short
Apr 13, 2018

YOFC Fiber Optic Cable: The Supply of Optical Fiber Cable Products is Still in Short


YOFC Optical Fiber Cable is a global leading supplier of optical fiber preforms, optical fibers and optical cables. The management predicts that the supply of optical fiber and fiber cable products will continue to be short in 2018, which will help stabilize product sales and prices. YOFC plans to increase the proportion of overseas revenue. 


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The management predicts that there will be a continuous shortage of fiber optic cable products in 2018: According to the CRU data, the global demand for optical cables in 2017 is 4.81 kilometer-km. Among them, China's demand for fiber optic cables accounted for 57.6%, North America accounted for 12.1%, Europe accounted for 11.0%, and other regions accounted for 19.4%. The CRU expects that in 2018, the global demand for fiber optic cable will increase by 17.7% to 566 million core kilometers. Among them, China will increase its demand for optical fiber cable to 60.6%. The main drivers of growth are: The three major telecom operators in the country have maintained their active participation in infrastructure construction for the communications industry, and continue to promote the adoption of fiber-optic access (FTTx) in China's broadband cities, in order to realize the policy of optical access for replacing copper access and the infrastructure of 5G networks. Including from: I) It is expected that the number of FTTx subscribers will increase from 289 million in 2017 to 400 million in 2020. II) After the government supports the application of LTE and Internet of Things, the use of big data is increasing. III) More importantly, 5G demand for optical fiber is 4-16 times that of 3G. At the same time, as management predicts that the shortage of optical fiber preforms and optical fiber will continue in 2018, and the capacity expansion of domestic manufacturers has not yet completed, it will help product sales and price stability.


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