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YOFC's New Optical Fiber Refresh Single-span Relayless Optical Transmission World Record
Mar 29, 2018

YOFC's new optical fiber refresh single-span relayless optical transmission world record

CNII Network News: Recently, Changfei Fiber Optic Cable Co., Ltd.(YOFC), State Grid Corporation of Information Communications Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. jointly announced that they use Changfei's(YOFC) ultra-low loss and large effective area G.654.E "Super long byte” Strong tripartite cooperation project of "Optical Fiber and E-ULH" enhanced long single-span non-relay optical subsystem " successfully achieved a single-span non-relay experiment for 665.7km of 10G system and 713.2km of 2.5G system. The span transmission test refreshed the world record of relay-free optical transmission in the original single-span 2.5G and 10G systems, respectively.


Fiber Optic G.654.E.jpg


The new ultra low loss large effective area optical fiber is one of the key core technologies for implementing ultra-long single-span non-relay optical transmission. The G.654.E fiber used in this experiment is a new optical fiber product developed by Changfei Company(YOFC) for long-distance transmission in backbone networks. The Changfei Company(YOFC)’s ultra-low loss large effective area fiber has a lower attenuation coefficient (0.15dB/km) and a larger effective area (130μm2), and the relayless transmission distance can be increased by more than 30% compared to the conventional G.652 fiber.


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