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Multimode Patch Cord FC OM4 Multimode Simplex 2.0mm

Multimode Patch Cord FC OM4 Multimode Simplex 2.0mm

Multimode Patch Cord FC OM4 Multimode Simplex 2.0mm is important kind of fiber connectors in optical network.They are the metal connectors with clip and quite popular for application on the trays in cabinet.

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Multimode Patch Cord FC OM4 Multimode Simplex 2.0mm

Multimode patch cords are used to connect high speed and legacy networks like 10/40/100 gigabit ethernet, fast ethernet and ethernet. Optico Multimode patch cords are manufactured for internal use using  LSZH cable and conform to Telcordia, EIA TIA or IEC standards. The OM4 enhanced patch cords are terminated with optimized connectors which gives optimum optical performance.


(1) Ceramic Ferrule and metal body

(2) High return loss;

(3) Low insertion loss;

(4) Good repeatability and and exchangeability;

(5) Excellent Polished and 100% tested;

(6) Complying with Telcordia ,GR-326-Core, IEC and RoHS Standard.



Local Area Network (LAN)

Data communication network

Telecommunication optical transmission network

Optical access network(OAN)

Active device termination


temSM(Single Mode)MM(Multimode)
Fiber Cable TypeG652D/G655/G657A1/G657A2/G657BOM1OM2/OM3/OM4
Fiber Diameter (um)9/12562.5/12550/125
Cable OD (mm)0.9/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.4/3.0
Typical Insertion Loss (dB)<0.2<0.15<0.2<0.1<0.1
Return Loss (dB)>45>50>60/
Insert-pull Test (dB)<0.2<0.3<0.15
Interchangeability (dB)<0.1<0.15<0.1
Anti-tensile Force (N)>70
Temperature Range (℃)-40~+85

FC-OM4-Patch-CordFC-OM4-DX-2.0-3.0-Patch--Cordfiber optic factory


1.Why choose OPTICO ?

(1)Professional manufacturer: NO MOQ, free samples are available.

(2)Quality assurance: Stable and high quality with certificate.

(3)Customers solutions: Quick and effective.

(4)Win-Win Price: cost-saving, bring more benefits for customers.


2.Do you accept OEM,ODM?

Yes, we accept it .

3.Can you print our LOGO?

Sure, Your LOGO can be printed on the boxes , or products or packing bag.

4.What's the method of shipment?

Sea shipment, train shipment, air shipment, DHL, UPS, TNT available;

5.What's the Payment?

LC,TT,DAP,Paypal,Western Union,Money Gram are opticonal.

OPTICO manufacture all kinds of connectors, and patch cords

We offer very competitve factory price and good quality.

Welcome to inquire for any interest.

Work   Wavelength (nm) 1310,1490,1550850,13001310,1490,1550850,13001310,1490,1550850,1300
Insertion   Loss(dB)≤0.25≤0.20≤0.25≤0.25≤0.25≤0.25≤0.25
Return   Loss(dB) ≥55≥65≥35≥50≥35≥50≥35
interchangeability(dB) ≤0.20
Plug   Testing(time)≥1000
Tensile   Strength(N)0.9mm(9N);2.0mm(70N);3.0mm(75N)
Durability(dB) ≤0.20
Operation   Temperature(°C)-40~+85
Storage   Termperature(°C) -40~+85
End Face Geometry(3D) Radius of Curvature:5-12mm(APC); 10-25mm(PC) ;(LC/PC 7-25mm)
    Apex Offset: 0-50um; Fiber Height : -100 to +100nm; Angle:   0°±2°(PC);8°±3°(APC)

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